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  • anti static masterbatch
  • anti static masterbatch

Anti-static Masterbatch

Anti-static Masterbatches are used to decrease the surface resistivity, which increases conductivity, in order to mitigate the static charge generated on the surface. Applied to different products have different performance.

It mitigates the static charge generated on the surface of nonwoven abric, which can cause discomfort or irritation to the skin. 3% ratio of our anti-static masterbatch results in the surface resistivity as high as to 10e9 ohm/sq.

Film Antistatic Masterbatch reduces the accumulation of dust that keep the film's appearance clean and clear.

Specifications of Anti-static Masterbatch

Prior to testing

> 72 hours in indoor and16 hours in 20±5°C, 50±20%RH.

At time of testing

15°C ~ 30°C, 20% ~ 70%HR

Add Ratio



120g/10min (Pressure 2160g, Temperature 230℃)

How Do Anti-Static Masterbatches Work?

Anti-static masterbatches work by containing conductive particles that disperse within plastic materials. This creates a conductive network that helps to dissipate static charges and reduce the risk of damage to electronic components, dust and dirt buildup, and improves product appearance.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Anti-Static Masterbatches?

The benefits of using anti-static masterbatches include reducing the risk of damage to electronic components, preventing dust and dirt buildup, improving product appearance, increasing safety in certain applications, and being environmentally friendly and food-grade suitable.

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