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  • matt white masterbatch

Matt White Masterbatch

Matt White Masterbatch is a type of plastic masterbatch that is formulated to add a non-glossy or "matt" finish to plastic products. It is typically made up of a mixture of polymer carrier resins, white pigments, additives, and processing aids that are added to the base polymer during processing.

Matt White Masterbatch is used in various plastic applications where a non-glossy finish is desired, such as food packaging, cosmetic packaging, appliance parts, and consumer goods. It not only provides a non-reflective surface but also has excellent dispersion, thermal stability, and processing properties. The use of masterbatch also reduces the need for manual mixing, which can result in consistent and uniform color throughout the end product.

How Is Matt White Masterbatch Made?

Matt White Masterbatch is made by mixing titanium dioxide pigment with a carrier resin, typically polyethylene or polypropylene. Other additives such as anti-oxidants, UV stabilizers, and processing aids may also be added to improve the overall properties of the plastic.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Matt White Masterbatch?

Matt White Masterbatch provides a matte finish to plastic products, which can be desirable for certain applications such as packaging or consumer goods. It also offers good color consistency, processing stability and cost-effectiveness compared to other coloring methods.

What Industries Use Matt White Masterbatch?

Matt White Masterbatch is widely used in industries such as packaging, consumer goods, automotive, cosmetics, and personal care. It can be found in products like bottles, containers, films, toys, and household appliances.

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