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Black Masterbatch

Black masterbatch is a blend of pigments and additives used to impart intense black color to plastic products. High quality Carbon Black content up to 45%  indeed provides excellent color consistency and improved mechanical properties to the final product. It is widely used in various industries like packaging, healthcare, consumer goods, construction and automotive.

Specifications of Black Masterbatch

Add Ratio0.5%~3%
Moisture Content/

What Are the Advantages of Using Black Masterbatch?

Black masterbatch, compared to other color masterbatches, provides excellent color consistency, high opacity, and improved mechanical properties like light and heat resistance to the final product. It also reduces manufacturing costs and improves the product's overall appearance.

How Is Black Masterbatch Added To Plastic Products?

Black Masterbatch can be added to plastic products during the extrusion, injection molding, or blow molding process. It is typically mixed with the base resin to create a homogeneous blend.

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