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  • conductive masterbatch

Conductive Masterbatch

Conductive Masterbatch is a type of plastic additive used to impart electrical conductivity to plastic products. It contains a high concentration of conductive particles, such as carbon black or metal oxides, dispersed in a carrier resin, which is added to the base polymer during processing.

Conductive Masterbatch is used in various applications where electrical conductivity is required, such as in anti-static packaging, electronic devices, and automotive parts. It helps dissipate static electricity to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components and to reduce the risk of explosions or fires in volatile environments.

Conductive Masterbatch is also used in electromagnetic shielding applications to protect electronic devices from electromagnetic interference (EMI). It is available in different grades and concentrations, and the amount required depends on the specific requirements of the product and the base plastic resin. Pigments can sometimes be added to achieve specific color effects in the final product.

What Types Of Plastics Can Conductive Masterbatch Be Used For?

Conductive masterbatch can be used for a variety of plastics, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and nylon.

How Does Conductive Masterbatch Work?

Conductive masterbatch works by incorporating conductive materials, such as carbon black and metallic particles, into the plastic material to create an electrical pathway. This allows the plastic product to conduct electricity and is used in various applications, such as electronic components and packaging.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Conductive Masterbatch?

Conductive masterbatch provides improved electrical conductivity, ESD protection, and static dissipation properties, making it suitable for specialized applications such as electronics, automotive, and industrial products.

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