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  • antifog masterbatch

Antifog Masterbatch

Antifog Masterbatches is food grade which is used in food packaging industry. It is alter the polarity of plastic product surface and tension to preventthe formation of condensed water droplets on the surface, which cause poor transparency. It is used in a wide range of applications, such as food container, cover, plastic bag, etc.

Application: food packaging

Add Ratio: 1%-4%

How Does Antifog Masterbatch Work?

Antifog masterbatch works by reducing surface tension and altering the surface energy of the film, allowing for the even distribution of moisture across the surface of the film, which prevents fogging or condensation from forming.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Antifog Masterbatch?

Antifog masterbatch provides a clear and attractive appearance to packaging films by preventing fogging, which enhances the product's visibility and maintains product quality. It also has eco-friendly properties and is fully recyclable.

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