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  • Hydrophilic Masterbatch

Hydrophilic Masterbatch

Hydrophilic masterbatch is designed to increase a significant and long-lasting hydrophilic effect on the surface of oleophilic polyolefin materials. It is non-toxic, harmless, eco-friendly, with excellent water absorption and retention properties, commonly used in applications that require water absorption, such as in the personal hygiene products like diapers, cutting fluid filter cloth, battery separator, offshore oil containment boom, etc.

Specifications of Hydrophilic Masterbatch

Add Ratio3-4%, more dosage helps shorten aging time
MFI430~470g/10min (Pressure 2160g, Temperature 230℃)
Time of 45°incline≤5s (AATCC 79, 21±1℃, 65±2%RH)
Absorbency Capacity3-8 times of dead weight (48H)

Using Hydrophilic Masterbatch Benefits

Hydrophilic masterbatch is a type of functional masterbatch used in the plastics industry to improve the surface properties of plastic products, making them more water-absorbent or water-attracting. Here are some benefits of using hydrophilic masterbatch:

  • Enhanced moisture absorption: Hydrophilic masterbatch increases the surface tension of plastics, allowing them to absorb moisture more efficiently. This is particularly useful in applications such as agricultural films, diapers, and medical products where high moisture absorption is desired.

  • Improved processing: Hydrophilic masterbatch can improve the processing characteristics of plastics by reducing their melt viscosity. This leads to smoother and more efficient processing during extrusion or injection molding, resulting in better productivity and lower energy consumption.

  • Enhanced performance: Hydrophilic masterbatch can enhance the performance of plastic products by improving their wettability and adhesion to water-based substances. This is beneficial in applications like films, coatings, and packaging materials where contact with liquids or aqueous solutions is required.

  • Customizable properties: Hydrophilic masterbatch can be tailored to meet specific requirements by adjusting the dosage or formulation. This allows manufacturers to achieve desired levels of water absorption or targeted surface properties based on their application needs.

  • Compatibility: Hydrophilic masterbatch is compatible with various polymer materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene. This ensures its versatility and applicability in a wide range of plastic products and manufacturing processes.

In conclusion, the use of hydrophilic masterbatch offers advantages such as improved moisture absorption, enhanced processing, enhanced performance, customization options, and compatibility with different polymers. These benefits make it a valuable additive in the plastics industry for achieving desired water-absorbent properties in plastic products.

Hydrophilic Masterbatch Common Applications

Hydrophilic masterbatch is widely used in various industries for improving the water-absorbent properties of plastic products. Some common applications include:

  • Hygiene products: Hydrophilic masterbatch is commonly used in the production of disposable hygiene products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, and adult incontinence products. It helps these products to quickly absorb and retain moisture, enhancing their functionality.

  • Agriculture films: In the agricultural sector, hydrophilic masterbatch is used in the manufacturing of films and mulches. By increasing the water-absorbent properties, it helps the films to retain moisture and deliver water efficiently to plants, promoting their growth and reducing water wastage.

  • Personal care and cosmetic packaging: Hydrophilic masterbatch is employed in the production of plastic containers and packaging for personal care and cosmetic products. It allows the packaging to resist moisture and humidity, preventing any damage or deterioration of the contents inside.

  • Medical applications: Hydrophilic masterbatch finds its use in medical applications such as wound dressings, surgical drapes, and disposable medical devices. It helps these products to absorb fluids and maintain a dry and sterile environment, crucial for the effectiveness of medical treatments and procedures.

  • Industrial applications: Hydrophilic masterbatch is also utilized in various industrial applications, including coatings, membranes, and filters. It enhances the water and solvent absorption properties of these products, making them more effective in their respective applications.

In summary, hydrophilic masterbatch has diverse applications in hygiene products, agriculture films, personal care packaging, medical applications, and various industrial sectors. It improves the water-absorbent properties of plastic products, making them more efficient and reliable in specific applications where moisture management is crucial.

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