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  • Softening Masterbatch
  • Softening Masterbatch

Softening Masterbatch

Softening masterbatch is added during the production process to improve the softness and feel of the nonwoven fabric surface. It is suitable for a wide range of applications that require a high level of flexibility and pliability.

It is offered as a standalone masterbatch, or it can be combined with color and other additives to meet your requirements.

Non-woven fabrics made with this type of masterbatch are commonly used in applications such as hygiene products, medical supplies, and cleaning wipes, where a soft and gentle feel is desired.

Specifications of Softening Masterbatch

Add Ratio1-3% or depend on desired performance
MFI400g/10min (Pressure 2160g, Temperature 230℃)
Moisture Content<0.1%

What Are Some Common Applications Of Softening Masterbatch?

Softening masterbatch is specially designed for nonwoven fabric, especially for which need to be in touch with the skin, such as hygiene products, medical supplies, and cleaning wipes...

What Are The Benefits Of Using Softening Masterbatch?

The benefits of using softening let the end user feel the softness directly on their skin as opposed to an article that is stiff, noisy, and feels like plastic.

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