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  • modified polyolefin
  • modified polyolefin

Laminating Modified Polyolefin

Laminating Modified Polyolefin produced by particular high quality ultra-fine fillers has excellent dispersion and stable melt flow rate. At the same time, it can be compounded with whitening or color schemes, which help to reduce production process steps and speed up production.

What Properties Does Laminating Modified Polyolefin Have?

Laminating modified polyolefin has excellent barrier properties against moisture, gases, and odors, and has good heat sealability, high clarity, and puncture-resistance. It also has a wide range of thickness and ease of processing properties which make it ideal for packaging applications.

What Are The Different Applications Of Laminating Modified Polyolefin?

Laminating modified polyolefin is used in a wide range of applications, including food packaging such as snack packaging, pizza boxes, and label lamination. It is also used for medical packaging such as surgical gloves and gowns, and industrial packaging for electronic products and machinery parts.

What Are The Processing Methods Used For Laminating Modified Polyolefin?

The processing methods used for laminating modified polyolefin include blown film extrusion, cast film extrusion, and lamination. Blown film extrusion is used for thin films, while cast film extrusion is used for thicker films. Lamination is used to combine multiple layers of the film into a single substrate.

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