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  • functional masterbatch

Cooling Masterbatch

Cooling masterbatches are beneficial for enhancing the fluidity of polypropylene and narrowing its molecular weight distribution. They help reduce processing temperatures of polypropylene products, improve melt flow properties, and as a result, enhance processing efficiency, reduce cycle times, and improve part quality.

Cooling masterbatches can also extend the lifespan of equipment by reducing wear and tear caused by high temperatures. Additionally, using cooling masterbatch can reduce energy costs and improve sustainability by decreasing the need for cooling systems.

Specifications of Cooling Masterbatch

Add Ratio1% or depend on desired performance
Moisture Content/

How Does A Cooling Masterbatch Work?

A cooling masterbatch contains a blend of different additives that work together to reduce the heat generated during the processing of plastics. This in turn reduces the cooling time required to cool the plastic and enhances the productivity rate.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Cooling Masterbatch?

Using a cooling masterbatch can bring benefits such as reducing cooling time, increasing productivity, enhancing surface quality, and minimizing rejection rates. This can significantly improve the production process and save costs for plastic manufacturers.

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