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  • electret masterbatch

Electret Masterbatch

An Electret Masterbatch refers to a parent granule that retains charge in a polymer material for a long time, which can be added to plastic materials such as polypropylene to impart them with an electric charge. These masterbatches are typically used in the production of products in various fields such as electrostatic spinning, electrostatic dust removal, and air filtration.

Specifications of Electret Masterbatch

Add Ratio1.0%-1.5% (*BFE), 1.5%-2.0% (*PFE), 2.5%-4.0% (N95/N98/FFP1/FFP2)
Moisture Content/

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Electret Masterbatch?

Using an electret masterbatch can provide permanent electrostatic charges that offer several benefits. These include excellent filtration efficiency, static dissipation ability, and improved electrical properties for electronic components in various applications such as healthcare, filtration, and electronics.

How Does An Electret Masterbatch Work?

Electret masterbatches are made up of polar substances that create a permanent electrostatic charge once they are introduced to the polymer matrix. This charge can be used to trap particles or charge electronic components.

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