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  • universal colour masterbatches

Universal Color Masterbatches

Universal color masterbatch is a type of plastic additive that is designed to add color to various plastic resins. It contains a high concentration of pigments or dyes, dispersed in a carrier resin, and is added to the base polymer during processing to achieve a desired color effect.

UV colour master batch  is versatile in that it can be used across different plastic resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, PVC, and others. It is called universal because it can be added to a wide range of resins, and it can also reduce the need for having different, specific masterbatches for different resins.

Specifications of Universal Colour Masterbatch

Add RatioMFIMoisture Content
0.6%~3.0% or depend on desired performance//

Application of Universal Color Masterbatches

  • Nonwoven Fabric

  • Fiber

  • Meltblown Fabric

  • Foaming

  • Thermoforming

  • Film

  • Injection-molding

Honye is a leading color masterbatch manufacturer that guarantees quality assurance. With our universal color masterbatches, get vibrant and consistent colors for your products. Increase your brand's appeal and aesthetic value with our reliable and premium color solutions.

Advantage of Universal Colour Master Batch

Universal color masterbatch offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice for coloring plastic products.

Firstly, it provides excellent color consistency and uniform dispersion throughout the plastic material. This ensures that the final products have consistent and vibrant colors, without any streaking or unevenness.

Secondly, universal color masterbatch is highly customizable, allowing for a wide range of colors to be achieved. Manufacturers can easily adjust the color intensity, shade, and hue to meet specific requirements and preferences.

Another advantage is that the masterbatch is easy to handle and incorporate into the plastic manufacturing process. It can be easily mixed with the base polymer, eliminating the need for additional pigment handling and reducing the risk of color contamination.

Universal color masterbatch also offers excellent heat stability, ensuring that the colors do not fade or change when exposed to high temperatures during processing or in end-use applications.

Furthermore, it provides good lightfastness, meaning that the colors remain bright and vibrant even when exposed to UV light. This makes it suitable for outdoor applications where colorfastness is important.

Lastly, universal color masterbatch is cost-effective as it allows for efficient coloring of plastic materials. It minimizes waste, reduces the need for inventory of multiple colored resins, and simplifies color changeovers.

Overall, the advantages of universal color masterbatch make it an ideal choice for achieving consistent, customizable, durable, and cost-effective coloring solutions for plastic products.

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