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  • transparent color masterbatch
  • transparent color masterbatch

Transparent Color Masterbatch

Transparent Colors Masterbatch is food grade and Eco-friendly. It does not affect the clarity or transparency of the plastic material while coloring the plastic products, which results in a unique effects for products. Transparent color masterbatch is used in a wide range of applications, including food containers, cutlery, toys, and household items.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Transparent Color Masterbatch?

Tranparent color masterbatches provide colours for products but have little effect on transparency of products, which means we can see what exactly is in them.

What Industries Use Transparent Colors Masterbatch?

Transparent Colors Masterbatch is widely used in industries such as packaging, consumer goods, automotive, construction, and electronics. It can be found in products like bottles, containers, displays, electronics parts, and architectural components.

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