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  • ppa masterbatch

PPA Masterbatch

PPA masterbatch improves the surface lubrication of the material, which in turn leads to a reduction in processing temperatures and the occurrence of surface defects such as stripping. This can result in a more uniform and smoother film thickness.

PPA Masterbatches increase surface lubrication, that reduces processing temperatures and strip, improves the film thickness uniformity and smoothness.

Add Ratio: 1.0% or depend on desired performance

What Are The Benefits Of Using PPA Masterbatch?

PPA Masterbatch provides excellent mechanical strength, thermal stability, and chemical resistance. It also improves dimensional stability, surface finish, and reduces warpage.

In Which Applications Can PPA Masterbatch Be Used?

PPA Masterbatch can be used in automotive, electrical & electronic, industrial, and consumer goods applications. It is highly recommended for high-temperature environments and chemically aggressive environments.

How Does PPA Masterbatch Improve Surface Finish?

PPA Masterbatch improves surface finish by reducing the amount of warpage and distortion during the molding process. This results in a smoother and more uniform surface finish on the final product.

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