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  • antiblock masterbatch
  • antiblock masterbatch

Antiblock Masterbatch

Antiblock Masterbatch is used to enhance the surface properties of plastic film. They increase friction and resistance without affecting heat sealing and printing performance. Additionally, "0 VOC" Antiblock Masterbatches are available, which have zero volatile organic compounds. This ensures that they are environmentally friendly and safe for use in various applications.

Specifications of Antiblock Masterbatch

Add Ratio1.0%-2.0%  or depend on desired performance
Moisture Content/

How Does An Antiblock Masterbatch Work?

Antiblock masterbatches are typically composed of a blend of silica, talc, or other inorganic particles which are added to the polymer matrix. These particles sit on the surface of the film or sheet to create a microscopic rough surface, which reduces the surface contact between two films, reducing the sticking effect.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Antiblock Masterbatch?

The main benefit of using an antiblock masterbatch is to reduce the sticking tendency of polymer surfaces, which can lead to a range of downstream production and handling issues. This can lead to improved production efficiency, higher quality products, and reduced costs.

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