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  • nucleating masterbatch

Nucleating Masterbatch

Nucleating Masterbatch usingα-type nucleating agents can accelerate the crystallization rate of polypropylene (PP) and significantly enhance the rigidity and heat resistance of the resulting thermoplastic products. This prevents softening during boiling water heating and ensures that they are safe for food contact.

Application: food container, cutlery, food tray, stationery.

Add Ratio: 1%-3% or depend on desired performance.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Nucleating Masterbatch?

Nucleating masterbatch can help improve the dimensional stability, stiffness, and transparency of plastic products, as well as reduce cycle times and increase productivity during the manufacturing process.

How Does Nucleating Masterbatch Affect The Aesthetics Of The Final Product?

Nucleating masterbatch can help improve the clarity and surface finish of plastic products, but it is important to balance these improvements with other factors such as color, texture, and cost.

What Are Some Factors To Consider When Selecting A Nucleating Masterbatch Product?

Some factors to consider when selecting a nucleating masterbatch product include the specific resin and processing conditions, the desired properties of the final product, the compatibility with other additives, and the overall cost and environmental impact.

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