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  • uv stabilizer masterbatch
  • uv stabilizer masterbatch

UV Stabilizer/Absorb Masterbatch

UV stabilizer masterbatch plays a crucial role in prolonging the service life of polymer-based products. They function is to interfere with the free radical formation of the polymer molecules, which typically occurs due to UV exposure. This protection is essential, as it prevents the products from losing their physical and mechanical properties.

In addition, acid-resistant UV stabilizer masterbatches offer superior protection against acidic substances such as pesticides and acid rain. They enhance the product's properties and durability by increasing its resistance to chemical attack, which can otherwise cause premature degradation.

Moreover, when products are exposed to UV radiation, UV absorber masterbatches act as a barrier by selectively absorbing harmful wavelengths. This protects the product's color, texture, and other sensory attributes, and ensures that it remains fresh for longer, thus extending the quality guarantee period.

Note: Loss 20% in strength of products (AATCC TM186-2022 48H, 3% dosage).

Specifications of UV Stabilizer/Absorb Masterbatch


30~60g/10min (Pressure 2160g, Temperature 230℃)

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Uv Stabilizer/Absorb Masterbatch?

The benefits of using a UV stabilizer/absorb masterbatch include protecting plastic materials from UV radiation, preventing discoloration and degradation, increasing their durability and lifespan, and being environmentally friendly.

What Is The Difference Between UV Stabilizers And UV Absorbers?

UV stabilizers prevent the polymer from undergoing photo-oxidation, whereas UV absorbers absorb UV radiation and convert it into heat, preventing the formation of free radicals that can cause degradation.

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