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Cold-resistant and Toughening Masterbatch

Cold-resistant and Toughening additive masterbatch increases the pliability and toughness of materials when under refrigeration or freezing condition, with good compatibility without affecting transparency of the product. meeting the requirements for refrigeration and freezing use, and suitable for food contact, making it ideal for use in ice cream cups, cold drink cups, low-temperature resistant food containers, and other similar products.

Application: food container

Add Ratio: 3%-10%

What Types Of Plastic Products Can Cold-Resistant And Toughening Masterbatch Be Used For?

Cold-resistant and toughening masterbatch can be used for a variety of plastic products, including automotive parts, electrical and electronic components, and construction materials.

How Does Cold-Resistant And Toughening Masterbatch Work?

Cold-resistant and toughening masterbatch improves the low-temperature properties of plastic products by dispersing toughening agents and impact modifiers within the plastic resin matrix, which increases the material's impact resistance and toughness.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cold-Resistant And Toughening Masterbatch?

The use of cold-resistant and toughening masterbatch allows plastic products to maintain their durability and functionality in cold temperatures, which can be critical for applications such as automotive parts and outdoor construction materials.

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