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Fragrant Non-woven Fabric, Refreshing "Summer"!

Fragrance masterbatch

As temperatures gradually rise, "cooling masks" have become the new favorite for summer, with popping bead masks, lightweight masks, ice silk masks, and various other "cooling masks" emerging endlessly.


Faced with issues like the discomfort of bead-studded masks, inadequate protection of lightweight masks, and the high cost of ice silk masks, refreshing and pleasant-scented masks stand out during the summer season.


Fragrance Masterbatch makes masks fragrant

So how does this scented mask achieve its fragrance? In fact, it only requires adding a small amount of Fragrance Masterbatch during the production of the outer non-woven fabric layer of the mask.

Selected from food-grade high-temperature-resistant fragrance blends, such as lavender, mugwort, mint, musk, ginger, rose, cherry, and more, there is a wide variety of scents available. Customized Fragrance Masterbatch and color masterbatches can be designed according to customer requirements, such as watermelon flavor with watermelon red, lemon flavor with lemon yellow, peach flavor with peach pink, mint flavor with mint green, etc., then the scent of summer is in the air.

Fragrance masterbatches can be used not only on masks but also on toys, daily supplies, non-woven fabric packaging bags, etc. It can bring a pleasant floral and fruity fragrance to the products, and the unique slow-release formula can retain the fragrance for up to 100 days.

Usage Tips

To better retain the fragrance, it is recommended to store the non-woven fabric in a sealed and cool place.

Considering the loss of fragrance, customers should adjust the dosage according to the duration of use.