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China's Sinopec Invests 24.8 Billion RMB to Construct Facilities for 300,000 Tons of Epichlorohydrin and 1 Million Tons of Ethylene

China's Sinopec Maoming Branch, has announced a large-scale renovation and expansion project. The total investment for this project is 24.79331 billion RMB, with the aim of increasing the existing ethylene production capacity from 1 million tons per year to 1.64 million tons per year through capacity expansion and transformation.


The project will utilize the existing ethylene plant area of the Maoming Branch and acquire two new plots of land on its western and southern sides, totaling 201.91 hectares. Building upon the existing chemical facilities, the project will include the construction of 10 chemical units downstream of ethylene.


These 10 units include

a 500,000 tons/year #1 catalytic gasoline hydrogenation unit,

a 300,000 tons/year #2 aromatic hydrocarbon extraction unit,

a 140,000 tons/year #3 butadiene extraction unit,

a 400,000 tons/year #.2 full-density polyethylene unit,

a 300,000 tons/year #.2 ethylene oxide unit,

a 200,000 tons/year #.4 polypropylene unit,

two 300,000 tons/year #.5 polypropylene units,

a 240,000 tons/year hydrogen peroxide unit,

a 300,000 tons/year epichlorohydrin unit, and a 500,000 tons/year ABS unit.

Among these units, the #.1 catalytic gasoline hydrogenation unit will be rebuilt at a different location, while the remaining nine units will be newly constructed.


In addition, the major new construction projects for the chemical department's utilities and auxiliary facilities include tank farms, vehicle loading and unloading facilities, fire pump stations, fire stations, circulating water yards, water treatment plants (to be rebuilt at a different location), regional power distribution, desalination and condensate water treatment facilities, as well as renovation and expansion projects such as air compression and analytical testing. External projects involve the addition of incoming raw water pipelines and supporting facilities.


The project is expected to commence construction in 2023 and is projected to take three years to complete. Once finished, the ethylene production capacity of Sinopec Maoming Branch will be significantly increased, providing strong support for the local economic development.