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The Way to Make Soft Non-woven Fabric

how to make non woven fabric

With the improvement of China's urbanization level and the change of people's consumption concept, the development of baby diapers, adult incontinence products and women's hygiene products as necessities continues to heat up, although a variety of differentiated products are emerging, but "soft" is always an important factor for consumers to consider when buying such products.

At present, the surface layer of sanitary products on the market is basically made of non-woven fabric as raw material, in which the main component of spunbond non-woven fabric is polypropylene masterbatch, and the finished product is hard, therefore, non-woven fabric manufacturers need to add soft masterbatch when producing non-woven fabric to make it soft, fluffy and smooth, in order to increase the comfort of non-woven fabric and human skin contact.

Soft Masterbatch

The soft masterbatch designed by Honye for polypropylene soft non woven fabric adopts all imported softener, which is safe and hygienic. It can provide silk soft masterbatch and cotton soft masterbatch according to customer requirements, and can be obtained with a lower dosage. Obvious softening effect, effectively improving the hand feeling of the cloth surface, increasing the softness and skin-friendly degree of the cloth surface.

Tips for use

In order to achieve a better soft feel, customers are advised to add some elastomer materials such as non woven masterbatch to the formula.